Travel Guide Koh Samui Thailand

If there has ever been one place that has been on my wish list of places to visit it has to be Thailand. While my favorite place in this world will always be the Cote d‚ÄôAzur – who can resist the French baguettes, the sea views and incredibly cute places like Grasse and Saint Tropez after all? – the islands that sit off the coast of Thailand make a close second. I absolutely love this place. Also, the fact that I went here together with my boyfriend may have helped a little too ūüėČ

I don’t travel as often as I wish and the moment we flew over Koh Samui and looked out the airplane window this little island instantly took my breath away with its white sand beaches and brilliant blue sea.

Coming from stressful work and hectic meetings, this was the perfect moment to go away for a sun-filled holiday. We spent these two weeks with our feet in the sand, taking a swim in the ocean that welcomed us every day with its stunning shades of blue, visiting islands such as Koh Nang Yuan that felt more like tiny slices of a beach paradise and eating delicious Thai food. We discovered so many incredible places that I’d love to share with you here.

Melati Resort & Spa 
We went here for lunch at The View restaurant (they have the best fresh fruit juices) but I can highly recommend to spend a few days at this incredible resort with beachfront views and quiet beaches.

Mimosa Resort & Spa
We spent here the first week of our holiday and loved every minute of it. A tranquil and quiet beach, stunning sea views and simply the best sunset of the island.

Santiburi Golf Resort
If you’re a fan of golf like my boyfriend is I can highly recommend this place. Even though I never play golf I loved it here, if only for the stunning view of the coast. I can’t imagine a more beautiful setting to play golf than the Santiburi Resort.

Renaissance Resort & Spa 
This resort, located on the islands more quiet eastern coast, is simply postcard-perfect. Fresh seafood and vegetables, a stunning pool right next to the beach. Though we did spend quite some time camped out on a daybed with a fresh juice in hand, we also wanted to visit some of the other islands close to Koh Samui.

Long Talay Restaurant 
One of the things I loved most about this place (besides the delicious Belgian waffles with whipped cream as a dessert) was the interior with its minimalistic and oceanic colored decor. I can highly recommend this place for brunch before going off to the beach when it gets too warm.

Tree Tops, Anantara Resort
This was by far the highlight of our trip to Thailand. I absolutely loved this evening amongst the tree tops overlooking the stunning coast with a 5 course dinner that included Scottish salmon, butter fish and Belgian Chocolate Landscape. Koh Samui is quite a casual island when it comes to style but if you can wear heels or lipstick anywhere, it’s definitely here.

Koh Nang Yuan island
If you’re going on holiday to Koh Samui don’t forget to plan a day trip to Koh Nang Yuan – by far the most gorgeous island I have ever seen in my life, and only a short boat trip from Koh Tao.

Mini Bar
It’s easy to walk past this cute little bar and not even notice it, but I think it’s the simplicity that makes it such a charming place. We stayed here all day ordering fresh mango juices and taking a swim in the crystal clear water.

Travel Guide Menorca

At the beginning of May we visited the tiny island of Menorca for the first time. I have been to Ibiza – another Spanish island – before but this time I¬†decided I wanted to go somewhere slower. After a few rainy days in Amsterdam I can’t describe how lovely it was to see both the sun and the sea again.

We stayed at the incredible Meli√° Cala Galdana¬†hotel in Ferreries, feeling almost like royals even if it was only for a little week escape. I’m beginning to understand that I have a major weak spot for elegant hotels, enjoying a sea view from your own balcony every morning, the best possible breakfast (fresh croissants and baguettes,¬†American pancakes, muffins, fresh juices and some fruits), but then again, who doesn’t?

One of the highlights of this little getaway – apart from exploring the Spanish island together in a Fiat 500 cabrio – was definitely visiting the city of Ciutadella. I loved the cute old quarter with its cobbled streets, charming squares and cozy restaurants. I reminded me a bit of Saint Tropez in a way with its chic harbour and elegant restaurants.

Another highlight has to be the beach of Cala Macarella sheltered by hills covered in pine trees. I loved the shades of impeccably clear turquoise and blue water in the quiet bay with white sandy beaches. It felt so nice to dip my toes in this crystal clear water and take a swim.

It’s hard to properly take in all of this beauty while being there and actually living it. That’s one the reasons why I love photography. You get the chance to capture these bits and pieces, and get to look back at them once everything is finished.

6 Most Pinterest Worthy Food Places In Paris

People always say that Paris is a small city but to be honest, coming from Amsterdam, this couldn’t be further away from the truth. Even though I have visited the City of Light many times, there are still a lot of places I’m dying to visit and whenever I’ve ticked off the places on the top of my list, new ones have come to take their place.

That‚Äôs one of the things I love most about visiting Paris. It always feels like I have so many things to do and see. So when I hopped on a plane to visit my favorite city again for a girls weekend getaway, I thought it’d be nice to make a list of all the lovely and cozy food places I went to this time.

  1. Fondation Cafe
    This has to be one of my favorites. Tucked away in Le Marais, this place is simple yet elegant with an impeccable design, and offers the most tasty pantries and tea. I noticed Parisians flocking around this little shop while sipping their espresso.
    Address: 16 Rue Dupetit-Thouars
  2. Gigi
    This charming little crêperie is the perfect place if you want to unwind and escape from the crowded Parisian streets for a little while. They serve the best pancakes with fresh fruits and it looks so cozy inside. Another lovely cafe on this street is Cafe Philippe which I can also highly recommend.
    Address: 4 Rue de la Corderie
  3. Ob-La-Di
    We went here on Sunday morning for the most tasty and healthy breakfast to start the day (followed by macarons from Ladurée, French fries and a few glasses of wine..). This lovely place has a minimalistic and Californian look and feel with lots of marble and blue shades (which I am a big fan of). I especially loved the tiles in the floor.
    Address: 54 rue de Saintonge
  4. Café Kitsuné
    Even though we discovered many cute Parisian bistros last weekend, I absolutely loved this one. We stumbled upon this cozy little cafe, nestled in the Galerie de Montpensier, while taking a stroll through the garden of Palais du Royal Рmy favorite place in Paris. Think minimalistic interior, tasty coffee and picturesque surroundings.
    Address: 51, Galerie Montpensier
  5. Boot Cafe
    I stumbled upon this tiny cafe a while ago on Instagram and I knew I had to visit this place when we finally landed in Paris. This place filled me with an instant and effortless sense of coolness the moment I walked in the door. Oh, how I wish I could spend months and months in this city, if only to be able to explore all these amazing restaurants popping up every single moment.
    Address: 19 Rue du Pont aux Choux
    If you are looking for a cosy place to start your day the healthy way, this is the perfect place for you. Nestled in Le Marais – as you can probably tell by now this is my favorite Parisian neighborhood – this Pinterest worthy cafe offers the best breakfast possible.
    Address: 1 Rue Charles-François Dupuis

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The Year 2016


There is still one sleep left until the new year. How did this happen already? This year has passed by even quicker than I even could have imagined. I started this year in freezing cold Amsterdam together with my loved ones. This year has been one of the most challenging and at the same time most exciting years so far. Therefore I love looking back at a few moments that were extra special to me during this time. I hope you all had a blissful year and¬†let’s spread even more love, laughter and kindness in 2017 as I think we all need it a little bit more these days. Wishing you all happy holidays, lots of love and light wherever you are in the world.

The first few months of 2016 were filled with ice skating on Amsterdam’s Museumplein with the most exquisite view of the Rijksmuseum and some tasty food in one of the charming wooden chalets. I went to the ballet to finally see the romantic Swan Lake and it was the most inspiring evening. Those of you who have been following along for quite some time know that I love, love, love ballet and so a few times a year I go to the Stopera here in Amsterdam to see some of the most inspiring ballet dansers perform. I also went to the Ragazze Kwartet Haute Couture performance at the Concertgebouw which I can highly recommend.

Corner Bakery

I also enjoyed lunches, brunches and breakfasts at Ree7, Buffet van Odette, Corner Bakery, George No5, Scandinavian Embassy and Pluk.

Just before spring arrived here in Amsterdam I hopped on a plane to Bali, a place that has been on my travel list for ages. One of the highlights of my little trip was staying at Sal Secret Spot, having lunch at Sisterfields and getting a spa treatment at Spring Spa. 2016 was definitely a year full of holidays as I also visited Rome together with my mum and little sister to enjoy some quality time together. It can very likely have been one of the very best weekend trips ever as I absolutely love the city of Rome. You ask where my love for Rome comes from? Start looking at my mum. She loves anything Italian and I think she managed to transfer her love for Italy onto me..

Sal Secret Spot

To top it all off, I visited Barcelona with a few friends for a well-deserved girls weekend and I went to the little island of Ibiza in the beginning of September together with one of my closest friends. It was a week full of discovering hidden gems and beaches, strolling aimlessly along the harbor and burying our faces in an obscene amount of delicious Spanish food.

Amante Beach Club

In between holidays, a hectic career and catching up with friends and family, I passed my wine exam and switched jobs (I moved from wine to cosmetics which as you might know I am a big fan of) so it’s been an intense year to say the least. That’s why I love looking back at this year, remembering the highlights but definitely the lows as well. Remembering things and events made me laugh and cry at the same time. Even though 2016 has been challenging on so many different levels, I am still thankful for every single thing it has taught me and I can only hope that 2017 will be even better. But for now, let me say: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Rome for the weekend


Rome is a city that thrives on happiness. The Italians take their time to unwind, enjoy tasty food more than most other things, stop to chat in the middle of the streets and drink wine before noon. Very different from the city where I live, Amsterdam.

My weekend in Rome in September together with my mum and little sister was one of the best weekends I’ve ever had. Loads of pasta, ice cream, pizza, wine and laughter filled our days. For four days we walked along cobblestone streets exploring Trastevere – where we stayed in the cutest apartment – Fontana di Trevi (one of my favorite places to visit when in Rome) and Piazza Navona.

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Travel guide Ibiza


A little while ago I hopped on a plane to the idyllic island of Ibiza together with one of my closest friends to spend a week with my feet in the sand, a clean face from make-up and covered in nothing more than sunscreen, sipping smoothies and eating way too much delicious Spanish food. I tried to unwind for a little bit as things at home are pretty hectic at the moment.

We had the most blissful time on this little island and spend the days sunbathing and swimming in the Mediterranean sea. My favorite beach was definitely Amante Beach, a small beach with the most gorgeous beach club I ever visited РAmante Beach Club, perched on a cliff overlooking the Sol Den Serra bay. We booked an early morning yoga session here followed by an healthy breakfast on the terrace with fresh squeezed juices, fresh fruit, eggs, natural yogurt and freshly baked wholegrain patisserie with ocean views. The perfect way to start the day!


The stunning interior of Amante Beach Club

If you visit Ibiza then you cannot miss the Las Dalias Hippy Market, the perfect place for a healthy smoothie, hammam towels, tasty food, elegant beach clothing and lots more. I can highly recommend this market situated in San Carlos. Another lovely place you have to visit is La Brasa restaurant in the Old Town of Ibiza close to the idyllic harbor. This place has the cutest little garden with the most tasty food.


Beso Beach Club on the island of Formentera is a place I highly recommend


When you spend a week in Ibiza make sure you hop on a boat and spend a day on the little island of Formentera, Ibiza’s ‘little sister’ and less decadent. The best thing about Formentera are the white beaches as the sea is incredibly clear. My favorite place here is definitely Beso Beach Club.


The beaches of Formentera