Weekend Reading

  • Perhaps it’s just me but I love the feeling of my home being a cosy and warm place for me to be. Scented candles (this one is my favorite), fresh flowers, warm blankets, a little stack of my favorite magazines and the bed made up with my own sheets are all things that give me that homey feeling. One of the most important things to me is making my place a place where I actually want to be, where I feel safe and at home. That’s why I could really relate to this blog article on My Domaine.
  • I’ve had my eye on these pretty and comfy sneakers from Ugg since the moment I saw them. I think they’re perfect for Spring, don’t you?
  • I loved this article on Garance Dore’s blog about women who moved to a new city for love, work and/or spontaneity. If you’re considering to make a change in your life and need a little push, their stories might be it. I think it’s quite admirable that they open up not only about the best parts of entering a new phase in life but also about the hardest parts of moving to a new place so I can highly recommend this post.
  • Having lived as a single girl in the city for most of my life, I love this article on the difference between being single and being alone.

6 best interior shops

Lately I am trying to swap clothes for interior accessories. It’s probably the worst luck in the world to shop for home decoration before you even have your own home, right? Yes, I thought so.. Still, I love my little place in the city centre of Amsterdam which I share with two other girls and even though I am not exactly a decoration expert, that doesn’t stop my excitement. So, that’s why I’d love to share some of my favorite interior shops on my blog.

DR Wonen
This is one of the best, especially since it’s located in the Nine Streets in Amsterdam which is where you will find me most of the time during the weekends. This place always feels like home to me and I can highly recommend it. From cosy pillows and marble lamps to pretty canal house tea holders and ceramic vases, they have everything you’d wish to have in your home.

Last weekend was actually the first time I visited this interior shop but it made a lasting impression on me. I even bought a white knitted pouf for my bedroom for a cosy look and feel. Anyone who knows me knows I have a soft spot for calm and serene rooms with lots of light colors so this is the perfect interior shop for me.

Ok so this may not be an interior shop – I mostly come here for the tasty smoothies and banana bread – but they do have some very pretty home decorations. From marble plates (here we go again with the marble obsession) to fruit bowls, I simply love everything they have.

The Loft
When I visited the incredible Loft a few weeks ago I was blown away by the lofty space and atmosphere. I felt right at home with its combination of natural materials with soft colors and inspiring accessories. Here, you will find decorations from the most talented artists and craftsmen of the world.

This is the most stylish place to buy gifts for your loved ones. To me, it feels a bit like a Parisian pied-à-terre, not too big and not too small – and the home decorations are so inspiring and calming. It has literally everything: design interior items, soft toys for the little ones as well as candles and cook books.

I’ve been to this place many times and always left with a little something to spoil myself. Whether it’s a ring or little flags made from lokta paper with a cotton string, I never come home empty-handed after a little trip to this interior shop.

The Year 2016


There is still one sleep left until the new year. How did this happen already? This year has passed by even quicker than I even could have imagined. I started this year in freezing cold Amsterdam together with my loved ones. This year has been one of the most challenging and at the same time most exciting years so far. Therefore I love looking back at a few moments that were extra special to me during this time. I hope you all had a blissful year and let’s spread even more love, laughter and kindness in 2017 as I think we all need it a little bit more these days. Wishing you all happy holidays, lots of love and light wherever you are in the world.

The first few months of 2016 were filled with ice skating on Amsterdam’s Museumplein with the most exquisite view of the Rijksmuseum and some tasty food in one of the charming wooden chalets. I went to the ballet to finally see the romantic Swan Lake and it was the most inspiring evening. Those of you who have been following along for quite some time know that I love, love, love ballet and so a few times a year I go to the Stopera here in Amsterdam to see some of the most inspiring ballet dansers perform. I also went to the Ragazze Kwartet Haute Couture performance at the Concertgebouw which I can highly recommend.

Corner Bakery

I also enjoyed lunches, brunches and breakfasts at Ree7, Buffet van Odette, Corner Bakery, George No5, Scandinavian Embassy and Pluk.

Just before spring arrived here in Amsterdam I hopped on a plane to Bali, a place that has been on my travel list for ages. One of the highlights of my little trip was staying at Sal Secret Spot, having lunch at Sisterfields and getting a spa treatment at Spring Spa. 2016 was definitely a year full of holidays as I also visited Rome together with my mum and little sister to enjoy some quality time together. It can very likely have been one of the very best weekend trips ever as I absolutely love the city of Rome. You ask where my love for Rome comes from? Start looking at my mum. She loves anything Italian and I think she managed to transfer her love for Italy onto me..

Sal Secret Spot

To top it all off, I visited Barcelona with a few friends for a well-deserved girls weekend and I went to the little island of Ibiza in the beginning of September together with one of my closest friends. It was a week full of discovering hidden gems and beaches, strolling aimlessly along the harbor and burying our faces in an obscene amount of delicious Spanish food.

Amante Beach Club

In between holidays, a hectic career and catching up with friends and family, I passed my wine exam and switched jobs (I moved from wine to cosmetics which as you might know I am a big fan of) so it’s been an intense year to say the least. That’s why I love looking back at this year, remembering the highlights but definitely the lows as well. Remembering things and events made me laugh and cry at the same time. Even though 2016 has been challenging on so many different levels, I am still thankful for every single thing it has taught me and I can only hope that 2017 will be even better. But for now, let me say: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

May in Instagrams

A homemade life | May in Instagrams

I loved the month of May: the first weekend of this month I spent a weekend in Barcelona together with a few friends. I enjoyed lots of lunches and brunches with my girls at the places above: Pluk and Buffet van Odette, two of my favorite places in the city of Amsterdam and celebrated Pluk’s One Year Anniversary.

A homemade life | May in Instagrams 2

I spent a weekend in Zeeland – the place where I’m from – to spoil my mum on Mother’s Day and to celebrate my little sister’s birthday. My mum also visited me in Amsterdam and we had the most blissful weekend, did lots of shopping (a few of my favorite shops are Skins CosmeticsBellerose, Anecdote and Mint) and eating way too many tasty things, like the banana bread above. Yes, it was definitely a month to remember!

A homemade life | May in Instagrams 3\

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Weekend Reading

A homemade life | Bali4

  • Lately I have become even more interested in living a healthy and balanced life. One of the women who inspires me most in achieving this is Calgary Avansino, editor of British Vogue, columnist for the Sunday Times and author of my new favorite book Keep It Real. She is very familiar with the challenges of living well and traveling well and since I’ll be going to Barcelona in a few days this is the perfect time to read her interview on One Fine Stay.
  • I am a big fan of the Instagram feed of California girls Jillian Attaway and Allison Norton who have been best friends for 20 years. Take a peek at their pretty two-bedroom home where they managed to combine Jillian’s preppy and sophisticated East Coast style with Allison’s beach-inspired, modern sensibility to create a warm and relaxing space. I’m in love with their interior! Did you notice the yellow surfboard?!
  • 29 tiny ways to be a better, more caring friend. I can highly recommend this article as I think we all should always cherish our friendships and make an effort to spend time together and simply enjoy life.
  • One of my favorite blogs, My Domaine, has narrowed down the best life-changing travel experiences in every decade so that you can hit them all. I love that they mention ‘traveling solo’ in your 20s as I think it’s the perfect way to meet new people and be on your own.

Weekend Reading

A homemade life Weekend Reading June

  • Marie Kondo’s Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up is still on my reading list but I think these three tips on achieving your minimalist, organized home fantasy will do for now. I always want my home to be a place where I can unwind and feel comfy. I know that can be challenging at times with a demanding job but I try anyway and I am convinced these tips will help me get there!
  • 20 places to travel in your 20s that aren’t cliches (Unfortunately I have only been to one of these places so I need to book some flights very soon..)
  • I’ve been spending a lot time day dreaming about traveling – especially when I feel stressed and tired. I’ve been traveling by myself quite a few times – to Capri, New York and Copenhagen – and I always feel safe. But still, I am always happy to read more safety tips for the solo traveler.
  • And since we’re on topic.. I always travel to relax and escape from the pressures and stress of daily life (do not get me wrong, I am very happy with the way things are going in my life but it can be quite stressful sometimes), but the lead-up to a vacation is, in my case, often the most stressful part. That’s way I am so happy when I came across this pre-vacation checklist!
  • I am a list maker, always have been, always will be. In my opinion it’s a perfect way to prioritize things and to keep organized. So imagine my surprise when I came across this blog that wrote about a Business Insider story that claims most rich people make ‘to don’t’ lists. Read here why this might be more effective than all my little to do lists.
  • The Oscars. I loved this chic Chanel dress on Julianne Moore, this Versace gown worn by Jennifer Garner and how adorable is little Jacob Tremblay in his Armani suit?
  • Wedding photographers capture memories that will probably last a lifetime: from a father who walks down his daughter to the aisle to a couple’s first kiss as newlyweds. But I think it’s the stories behind these photographs that can transform a lovely photo into something a lot more special. To celebrate this beauty, Harper’s Bazaar shares the most memorable moments captured by photographers and all the stories that made each photo so powerful.