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My Favourite Blogs About Paris


As you may have noticed I am in love with Paris. A lot. Every time I visit this charming city it feels like home away from home. As a little kid I always spent my holidays on the Côte d’Azur together with my family. I remember my visits to Saint Tropez, Monaco and Cannes vividly and I can’t wait to hop on the plane to these magnificent places again. Since I do not live in Paris myself I try to follow as many Parisian bloggers as I possibly can to enjoy the City of Lights through their incredible photographs and posts. Here are a few of the bloggers who live in Paris that I’m drooling over the most at the moment:


Aisling Greally is the chic and lovely lady behind TrésorParisian. This blog gives the best tips of what is happening and where to go in Paris. A perfect guide for anyone who wants to see more than the Arc de Triomphe or the Sacré Coeur. Through this inspiring blog the incredibly talented Aisling directs you to some of the most charming and intimate places in Paris. Take a peek and get inspired by her incredible photographs, lovely posts and the best tips to explore this romantic city.

Paris In Four Months

This charming photography blog always makes me day. Carin Olsson, the face behind Paris in Four Months, is incredibly gifted and her love for Paris (and tasty macarons) shines through on her blog. She shares her everyday life with ever-inspiring photographs and lovely little posts. From Dior Haute Couture Show and the latest collection of Chanel to caffe lattes and cozy coffee places in Le Marais. If you are interested in her story, here’s a little blog post I wrote a while ago.

Will She Love Paris?

Yes she will! Who does not love Paris after all? Her time in Paris may be over (she moved back to Sydney) but her blog and way of life still inspire me. During her stay in the City of Lights she documented her everyday life in the city, from cozy dinner places to picnics with her friends. I can highly recommend to visit her lovely blog!

Journey Into “La Ville-Lumière”

A journey into the City of Lights. I could not think of a better name to describe this magnificent and chic Parisian blog. Hana is the face behind this blog and with her pretty photographs she proves that Paris is more than worth a visit (or two!). In addition to writing and photographing Paris, she also travels to other incredible places in France, like the French Riviera. Her photos always put a smile on my face.


Weekend Reading

A homemade life Paris Le Marais

Making Magique

Making Magique

Making Magique

If there is one thing Haleigh Walsworth and I have in common, it is our love for storytelling and the magnificent city of Paris. I love to write stories. Even as a child I loved every fairytale story, from Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty to Harry Potter and A Christmas Carol. For a moment, I forget everyone and everything and I’m a part of the character’s life (I still wish I could go to school at Hogwarts, marry a handsome prince and have a Christmas dinner together with Scrooge).

If you have been following my little blog for a while, you probably know by now I am in love with Paris. This city always feels like home away from home. It’s always on my mind and I simply can’t wait to visit the City of Lights again and enjoy the cozy dinner places, macarons from Ladurée and the Parisians walking by every day. That is why I love Making Magique. For me, it’s a place of magic, stories and pure bliss.

Photographer, blogger, writer and filmmaker Haleigh Walsworth (Is there anything she can’t do?) is the pretty face behind Making Magique. At the age of twenty, this incredibly talented lady moved from California to Paris, a city where she did not know anyone. After her Bachelor’s Degree from the American University of Paris and learning to speak French, she began her career in the French capital. She worked at a branding agency for two years. Being a digital native, she enjoyed the infinite possibilities of marketing online (another thing we seem to have in common). She pursued opportunities in social media and worked for some of the most leading luxury brands in Europe and some top film production companies in the States.

Somewhere along the way, she decided to start her very own blog, Making Magique. This became a place where she shares the most incredible photography, stories of beauty and travels and her everyday life in Paris. Haleigh believes that life can indeed be magical and for her that is having a camera in her bag and a pen in her hand while making pretty things along the way.

In addition to having a very successful blog, she is also the official blogger of Lancôme’s Paris Rendez-Vous and she even photographed for brands such as Nina Ricci and Bumble & bumble, directed a mini documentary for the Italian Board of Tourism, and is currently at work authoring a Paris Guide Book to be published in 2015.

From the moment I stumbled upon Making Magique, this lovely lady has been an incredible inspiration to me to make the most of my life and enjoy every moment, even the little things (I know this might seem a bit cliché but I can’t help myself). Thank you Haleigh, for your storytelling and photographs of Paris (and Italy and all the other places you visited along the way). They make my day, everyday.

Making Magique 4

Making Magique 5

Making Magique 2

Photos by Making Magique

Weekend Reading

A homemade life Weekend Reading

Winter Wardrobe

Even though I love the cozy winter months, I have to admit I am not built for these cold – sometimes snowy – and rainy days. My hands and face are the first to freeze followed by my feet and legs. That freezing, chilled-to-the-bone feeling, I know that oh so well. That is why warm, winter clothes are on top of my list every winter. My favourite this winter is my scarf from SheRebel. It’s snuggly, over-sized and keeps me warm.

I collect clothes that are cozy, warm, stylish and timeless. I am always looking for classics that will last for years and years. My taste is pretty minimal. I have a thing for white, beige and pastels as you can probably tell by my photos below. This year is no different as my winter wardrobe consists of a beige over-sized scarf (as mentioned above), a warm and stylish poncho, a cozy white winter coat that I bought a few years ago at Geddes & Gillmore and some pretty cardigans.

Here’s the winter look I am in love with at the moment:

A homemade life My Winter Wardrobe

A homemade life Paris Photoshoot

A homemade life Winter Wardrobe post

A homemade life Wardrobe

Scarf by SheRebel
Poncho by Sessùn
Cardigan by Bellerose
Jeans by Tommy Hilfiger
Shoes by Fred de la Bretonière

Photos by Katie Mitchell

Weekend Reading

A homemade life Angelina

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  • Here is a list of the best dressed women of 2014. My favourites are Alexa Chung, Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson.