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Weekend Reading

a homemade life paris louvre

  • Wedding bells are almost ringing! Lauren Conrad is planning her Pinterest-worthy wedding day. In the middle of planning her incredible wedding she took the time to design a Paper Crown bridesmaids collection. Don’t think these dresses are similar to the dresses Katherine Heigl wore in 27 dresses. The Paper Crown collection is delicate, pretty and covered in the most amazing pastels. It makes me want to attend a wedding right away!
  • What are the things you wish you could tell your 18-year-old self if you had the chance? Lauren Conrad – Yes I admit, I have a girl crush on her – wrote a loving and warm letter to her 18-year-old self. Her best advice? ‘Wear sunscreen. Embrace your natural skin tone in the hopes that it will mean less wrinkles and a lower risk of skin cancer as you get older.’
  • Finally, finally finally! Last week, the Dutch Harper’s Bazaar was launched in The Netherlands. I’m so excited and cannot wait to get my hands on the first issue!

August in Instagrams

a homemade life collage

Pretty pink homes during a family vacation in Cinque Terre, Italy a few years ago. We spent a few weeks visiting Portofino, Florence and Camogli and had the most amazing time. This month, I spent some time in Paris and enjoyed macarons from Ladurée, lunch at Ralph’s and a little picnic in Jardin du Luxembourg. Paris, je t’aime..

Amy Stone

Amy Stone

I wrote earlier about New Yorker Amy Stone and her talent to photograph everyday things so beautifully and make it look like you stepped into a Pinterest world. I think her photos are so inspiring and incredible. And that is not all. It seems the days of summer are over in my city – these grey and rainy days were definitely not on my wish list for this time of year – but it’s still warm on Amy’s blog. From deserted beaches, ocean views to tasty cocktails and watermelons and colourful surfboards. So, summer still exits.. 

Californian life – sexy surfers and azure blue sea included – fits her perfectly. At the moment she resides in New York City (not a bad place to live either if you ask me!) but she still spends time photographing the beauty of the west coast. I simply adore her photographs!

Amy has an impressive resumé. In addition to photographing and blogging, she holds a marketing and social media position at Gap. On top of that, she worked closely with Zac Posen in september 2010 and managed to do an internship at Garance Doré and Scott Schuman. I think this lovely and sophisticated lady is quite inspiring!

Take a peek and enjoy her lovely blog:

Amy Stone 2

Amy Stone 3

Amy Stone


Weekend Reading

a homemade life laduree

  • A while ago I stumbled upon the blog of Camile Styles. It’s a lovely place where she writes about Italian themes for dinner parties, a little spa in your own home, her tasty recipes and she shares some advice on the best way to photograph children. A blog that is filled with love and inspiration.
  • When I was seventeen, I visited Rome for a few days and I remember I thoroughly enjoyed the Italian ambiance, the most tasty pasta’s and pizza’s and the cozy little streets you can literally find everywhere in the city. Italy has always been one of my favourite places to spend the summer. Even though I visited Rome, it’s still on top of my travel list of cities I am dying to visit someday. Especially after enjoying the incredible photos of Farfelue. She captured the charm of Rome so beautifully.
  • When I think of summer I think of the beach, the azure blue ocean and a lovely sun bed. If you feel the same way, you cannot miss the ten most incredible beaches in the world, selected by Elle Decor. It makes me want to hop on a plane to the Seychelles.
  • Hop on over to the blog of my lovely girl Marlies, called Mliees. She writes about her daily life at Flair magazine and the city she lives in, Haarlem. It’s a delicious mix of the good things in life.

Macarons from Ladurée


These macarons made this grey and rainy day a little bit more fun. A box this pretty, filled with macarons, made me break my “no-sweets-during-the-weekdays” promise to myself but I couldn’t resist these Parisian sweets..


New York Instagrammers

I’m so happy! In a few weeks I’ll finally finally visit New York City, a city that I have loved and admired for quite some time. I feel like I sort of know this city thanks to a few of my favourite tv characters, Blair Waldorf and Charlotte York. The steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art to have lunch, the New York Palace Hotel to enjoy some cocktails, Magnolia Bakery for some lovely cupcakes and 5th Avenue where you can find some of the most amazing apartments of the city.

That is why I love Instagram, every day I see some of the most inspiring photos of New York. It’s the perfect place to get to know places you have never been before. These New York Instagrammers are on top of my Instagram list:

Amy Stone

Photos from deserted beaches, tasty dinners, trips to Nantucket (I love, love, love this place!) and the most adorable and cozy homes. I simply adore her photographs. What I think is most special about her Instagram feed are the pretty blue shades that you’ll find in most of her photos.

Amy Stone A homemade life

Jane Kim

Jane photographs her everyday (and quite exciting might I add) life in this lively city. Her talent, inspiration and love for New York shines through in her photographs. Every time I open her Instagram feed I feel so inspired and excited to visit all these amazing places in New York. I cannot wait to hop on the plane!

Jane Kim A homemade life

Alice Gao

I have been writing quite a lot about this lovely and talented lady. However, she has a pretty way of capturing the incredible sightings of New York City. I think she is one of the most talented photographers I have come across and she definitely deserves to be on this little list.

Alice Gao A homemade life

Charissa Fay

When you open the Instagram feed of Charissa Fay, you’ll find some pretty nice photos of New York. At first, I didn’t notice the photos were taken in the city that never sleeps. There are no crowded streets and coffee places and views of the Empire State Building. Instead, you’ll find charming streets, idyllic gardens and cozy places to have dinner. That’s why I think her photographs are just so charming.

Charissa Fay A homemade life