Rue Rodier

Rue Rodier

The lovely and ever-inspiring blog Rue Rodier is written and photographed by the talented Marissa Cox. Last year, she packed her suitcase and left the city of London to move to Paris. This blog is her way of documenting her time in this city and exploring the things she loves – which is a lot and I discovered we share the same love for Parisian pastries and French wine.

The name Rue Rodier refers to the first street she lived on in Paris last year. In this city, she began to appreciate and live the good things in life. I have to say, I cannot blame her since Paris is the city of macarons, French baguettes, romance, historic monuments and Parisiennes with impeccable taste and effortlessly chic style. Every day, she shares her love for interiors, food, wine and travel with her readers and followers. From intimate apartments, amazing travels (her photographs of the Provence are engraved in my memory forever), Italian weddings to tasty Parisian sweets, the lovely Colette store and her everyday life in the City of Lights I’d love to step into (she has the most adorable and chic apartment in Paris). Marissa captures every moment of life in a delightful and inspiring way.

She inspired me to enjoy the simple things life throws at us and to document my own life and travels on my blog. If you’re on the road to better and prettier living, I can recommend to visit this dazzling Parisian blog. Take a peek at her blog or her jealousy-inducing Instagram feed and get inspired! I think you’ll quickly realize why I admire this lovely lady.

Below are a few of her incredible photographs:

Rue Rodier 6

Rue Rodier 6

Rue Rodier 2

Rue Rodier 3

 Rue Rodier


  1. Emily says:

    Very nicely written! x Emily

  2. Madison says:

    I love her blog too! You have amazing taste!

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