Paris in Four Months

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Paris in Four Months

The Swedish native Carin Olsson is the face behind the blog Paris in Four Months. 22-year-old Carin moved to the City of Lights two years ago to follow her dream of living in Paris (and indulging in some tasty Ladurée macarons!) and photographing her everyday life in the city. She wasn’t happy with her life in Stockholm and needed a new challenge.

She wanted to be inspired, challenged and excited about her everyday life again. So she moved to Paris in the hope of finding happiness. So why did she decide to move to Paris? Well, she was attracted to the beauty of the city, the ambiance, the food (who doesn’t love macarons?) and the excitement of experiencing something new and completely different. In the beginning, she simply photographed the things she loves about Paris (think Le Marais, cozy, little cafes and lovely courtyards) to share on her blog with her family and friends in Stockholm. The rest is history.

Now, two years later, she inspires others to pack their bags, quit their day jobs and move to Paris (or any other city) while photographing Dior shows, fellow bloggers and models, and writing articles for Condé Nast Traveler and HiP Paris Blog.

I am so blissfully happy I stumbled upon her incredibly inspiring blog. Her photographs of Paris, her travels to New York and London and her everyday life always make my day. I think she is one talented lady who definitely deserves to be mentioned on my little blog.

Take a peek at her lifestyle and photography blog and get inspired!

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 Paris in Four Months


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