Faye Bullock

I always had a thing for Parisian blogs – I think I’m quite addicted to the pretty photographs of Paris in Four Months – and now I have discovered a new blog written by a lovely English lady named Faye Bullock.

This girl moved to Paris to follow her heart. How romantic and inspiring! She forever photographs the magic of the City of Lights and shares her special love of delicate bakeries, patisseries and cozy and adorable cafes with her followers. She loves chai tea lattes, pastel coloured macarons (who does not love these tasty things?), lace dresses and champagne.

If you are planning to visit Paris, then I can highly recommend to take a visit to Farfelue. Faye is the best guide for adorable cafes, pretty museums and hidden gems. I am in love with her photos of Café Carette, Odette and Rose Bakery. And since she is from England, you will also find some amazing photographs of Notting Hill in London. Take a peek!

Enjoy some of her amazing photographs:

Farfelue 2

Farfelue 4

Farfelue 3

Farfelue 1


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