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  • Lately I have become even more interested in living a healthy and balanced life. One of the women who inspires me most in achieving this is Calgary Avansino, editor of British Vogue, columnist for the Sunday Times and author of my new favorite book Keep It Real. She is very familiar with the challenges of living well and traveling well and since I’ll be going to Barcelona in a few days this is the perfect time to read her interview on One Fine Stay.
  • I am a big fan of the Instagram feed of California girls Jillian Attaway and Allison Norton who have been best friends for 20 years. Take a peek at their pretty two-bedroom home where they managed to combine Jillian’s preppy and sophisticated East Coast style with Allison’s beach-inspired, modern sensibility to create a warm and relaxing space. I’m in love with their interior! Did you notice the yellow surfboard?!
  • 29 tiny ways to be a better, more caring friend. I can highly recommend this article as I think we all should always cherish our friendships and make an effort to spend time together and simply enjoy life.
  • One of my favorite blogs, My Domaine, has narrowed down the best life-changing travel experiences in every decade so that you can hit them all. I love that they mention ‘traveling solo’ in your 20s as I think it’s the perfect way to meet new people and be on your own.


  1. Darina says:

    great weekend reading! wonderful photos on your blog!

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