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  • Do you want to have a glowing and flawless skin? Then you cannot miss this post with the best tips on how to take control your skin naturally (think beauty sleep and lots and lots of water)!
  • The smart girl’s guide to meal planning that will save you time, money and stress and it’s also a lot healthier than the take away Italian pizza (which I’m a big fan of as well to be honest).
  • This post helped me a lot the last few days as I feel a bit lost sometimes. At the moment I have literally no idea where I’ll be in a few weeks as my internship has almost come to an end and I don’t know what I’ll do next which is pretty terrifying to say the least. That’s why I was so happy I stumbled upon this incredibly inspiring blog post: 10 ways to lift yourself up when it all falls down. Definitely something I can relate to at the moment!
  • Vogue editor-in-chief Alexandra Shulman, the British beauty who started her fashion journalism career at The Tatler while she was working for the Sunday Telegraph, Vogue, and GQ, where she later became an editor. During the Vogue Festival in 2014 she happily shared some of her best career tips that are not just fashion related. I especially loved this one: ‘Be prepared to do the most basic tasks cheerfully when you start out and accept that it takes time to move on to the next step.’
  • The cutest ways to wear espadrilles this summer.


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