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A homemade life Weekend Reading

  • As the year is coming to an end, I’ve been reflecting on everything that has happened in 2014. In this blog post you’ll find fifty questions to help you reflect on different aspects of the past year. The second half of December is the perfect time to look back on everything I have discovered and achieved during the last twelve months.
  • Sara Donaldson, the talented blogger behind Harper & Harley, shares her best tip on how to get that glow. Her tip? Mix a moisturizer/primer with a foundation and illuminator all together and apply it to the skin. Your foundation is kept quite light but you will get that moisture boost and a glowing skin from the illuminator. Do you want it to last a little longer? Lightly set it with a translucent powder.
  • Here are five ways to make someone feel special and loved, whether it’s a family member, a colleague or a neighbor.
  • Into the Gloss shares her beginner’s guide to ordering wine. Achieving any sort of mastery in wine tasting takes a lot of practice (and a few glasses of wine as well I suppose..). Here’s a simple guide to what’s what, just in time for the holidays. Cheers!
  • 29 things to remember for the New Year. The best thing to remember? Choose a narrow path. Dare to be different than others and aim for the moon.


  1. Iris says:

    Great weekend reading as always. Love these end-of-the-year tips! xx Iris

  2. Lucy says:

    thanks for sharing, really like your taste and style, so cute and girly! Love, Lucy

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