Weekend Reading

a homemade life paris louvre

  • It’s Sunday today and I’m snuggled up on the sofa trying to get some extra work done, without much success. It’s not easy trying to work, when you know the rest of the city is spending time with loved ones or at a cozy bakery with friends, so I’ve taken a little break to find some of my favourite pins from the last week. I’m in love with these pretty clothes and am thinking how I can replicate it. Come and join me!
  • The holidays are on the way and Rue Magazine thought it seemed like the best time to introduce the topic of travel and being a guest again. First thing to remember? Plan some alone time to explore on your own or visit the local coffee shop with a book.
  • If you’re interested in the psychology behind how social media is warping our senses of self worth and beauty, I highly recommend the article Selfies and Self Esteem written by Olivia Fleming.
  • Is your guest room still in shambles with visitors on the way? Then you cannot miss these eight simple ways to create a lovely and warm guest room. I love the idea of a welcome basket with a selection of treats and goodies.

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