Writer and director Nancy Meyers

Nancy Meyers

Christmas is on the way so I decided it is time to snuggle up by an old stone fireplace, enjoy a cup of cocoa and.. watch the lovely romantic comedy The Holiday. A story about love, friendship, family and of course Christmas. This is one of the many incredible films written and directed by the talented Nancy Meyers. Meyers is one of the few Hollywood screenwriters I admire deeply.

What I love most about her films? The drool-worthy homes with cozy fireplaces, fairytale English cottages, Californian vineyards and sophisticated London homes. Nancy Meyers always delivers sets that are so inspiring. Ok, I admit, a film starring Jude Law never disappoints as well. Everything that is in the frame is of concern. The flowers in the living room, the book on the coffee table and the beige sheets in the bedroom. She creates sets that look as if they might be photographed in an interior magazine, most notably the English cottage in The Holiday that was completely enchanting and the gorgeous Californian home in It’s Complicated that is engraved in my memory forever.

So what makes her films and interiors so popular and loved? Well, according to Nancy Meyers, it’s the story mixed with the decor. For example, the charming home in Something’s Gotta Give is this romantic place where Jack and Diane are stranded together and fall deeply in love. I love her stories and  the warm characters. My favourite character has to be Iris Simpkens in The Holiday. She is so kind, honest, intelligent and incredibly pretty. Kate Winslet has always been of the best actresses in my opinion and I love her in this film, as well as Jude Law.

Well, that’s it for today. It’s time to get some freshly baked muffins and watch The Holiday!


  1. Katie says:

    I LOVE Nancy Meyers! Her films are AMAZING! thanks for writing this article! xxx Katie

  2. Lane says:

    Nancy Meyers is such an amazing screenwriter! i completely agree with you! Love, Lane

  3. Maddie says:

    she is my biggest inspiration, its a great write up!! Love, Maddie

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