6 Things I’ve Learned From The Italians

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  1. Pasta and pizza taste best when made from scratch.
  2. ‘I’d rather eat pasta and drink wine than be a size zero’ – Sophia Loren
  3. Start relaxing. It seems life is less stressful in Italy. Italians don’t rush around with take-away food and to-go cups of coffee, they prefer to sip their espresso and enjoy their food. There is less emphasis put on being on time, rather, the emphasis falls on how that time is spent.
  4. Maintain a ‘bella figura’. Although this literally translates to ‘beautiful figure’ it means more than that. It’s a way of life that emphasizes aesthetics and good behavior. So always try your best, take care of yourself and never wear pajamas to the dinner table 😉
  5. Italians have an easy-going and positive outlook on how to go about everyday life. They prefer la dolce vita that revolves around a relaxed and happy lifestyle.
  6. Drink wine. Share a bottle of wine with loved ones around the dinner table.


  1. Philippine says:

    may i just say I LOVE your blog, its full of inspirational stories and you seem so nice! keep up the good work! xx Philippine

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