6 Most Pinterest Worthy Food Places In Paris

People always say that Paris is a small city but to be honest, coming from Amsterdam, this couldn’t be further away from the truth. Even though I have visited the City of Light many times, there are still a lot of places I’m dying to visit and whenever I’ve ticked off the places on the top of my list, new ones have come to take their place.

That’s one of the things I love most about visiting Paris. It always feels like I have so many things to do and see. So when I hopped on a plane to visit my favorite city again for a girls weekend getaway, I thought it’d be nice to make a list of all the lovely and cozy food places I went to this time.

  1. Fondation Cafe
    This has to be one of my favorites. Tucked away in Le Marais, this place is simple yet elegant with an impeccable design, and offers the most tasty pantries and tea. I noticed Parisians flocking around this little shop while sipping their espresso.
    Address: 16 Rue Dupetit-Thouars
  2. Gigi
    This charming little crêperie is the perfect place if you want to unwind and escape from the crowded Parisian streets for a little while. They serve the best pancakes with fresh fruits and it looks so cozy inside. Another lovely cafe on this street is Cafe Philippe which I can also highly recommend.
    Address: 4 Rue de la Corderie
  3. Ob-La-Di
    We went here on Sunday morning for the most tasty and healthy breakfast to start the day (followed by macarons from Ladurée, French fries and a few glasses of wine..). This lovely place has a minimalistic and Californian look and feel with lots of marble and blue shades (which I am a big fan of). I especially loved the tiles in the floor.
    Address: 54 rue de Saintonge
  4. Café Kitsuné
    Even though we discovered many cute Parisian bistros last weekend, I absolutely loved this one. We stumbled upon this cozy little cafe, nestled in the Galerie de Montpensier, while taking a stroll through the garden of Palais du Royal – my favorite place in Paris. Think minimalistic interior, tasty coffee and picturesque surroundings.
    Address: 51, Galerie Montpensier
  5. Boot Cafe
    I stumbled upon this tiny cafe a while ago on Instagram and I knew I had to visit this place when we finally landed in Paris. This place filled me with an instant and effortless sense of coolness the moment I walked in the door. Oh, how I wish I could spend months and months in this city, if only to be able to explore all these amazing restaurants popping up every single moment.
    Address: 19 Rue du Pont aux Choux
    If you are looking for a cosy place to start your day the healthy way, this is the perfect place for you. Nestled in Le Marais – as you can probably tell by now this is my favorite Parisian neighborhood – this Pinterest worthy cafe offers the best breakfast possible.
    Address: 1 Rue Charles-François Dupuis

If you’d like to see more photos of my Parisian getaway follow along on Instagram!

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Women who inspire me everyday

Women who inspire me everyday

If there is one thing I love and know, it is that we ladies have the ability and strength to be go-getters, to be the best version we can be and to empower, compliment and inspire other women. Too many times I have seen girls thinking it’s a competition: who has the most ideal career, the perfect dress, the perfect Victoria’s Secret body and I think that’s a pity. I think that if women inspire other women, incredible things can happen. That’s why I wanted to write a blog post on women that inspire me everyday, from screenwriters and photographers to top models and actresses. Here’s a list of women I greatly admire. Cheers for these incredible ladies doing amazing things!

Meryl Streep
In addition to being of the most talented actresses worldwide and starring in a few of my personal favorites such as It’s Complicated and Julie & Julia, she is also one of the most inspiring women I have ever come across. She is unapologetically herself at all times, she stands up for herself and other women to take every chance and to never settle for less than what you are worth. One of the best things she ever said was: ‘The minute you start caring about what other people think, is the minute you stop being yourself’ and I completely agree.

Carin Olsson
This talented lady is one of the most gifted photographers and bravest girls I know. A native of Sweden, she moved from Stockholm to Paris to simply follow her dreams. She left her family and friends to move to the French capital to embrace the city and learn French. Her ever-inspiring photographs of Paris (and Cannes, Australia and London to name a few cities she has visited) always make me day and motivate me to always improve my own photography skills and to see beauty in even the smallest things. There is one thing she once said that is so definitely true and a little reminder for myself to take the time to enjoy life: ‘You only have one life so why not make the most of it?’

Elizabeth Gilbert
She inspired many, many women worldwide with her bestselling memoir Eat, Pray, Love (I love this title by the way!). She seemed to have it all: a lovely home, a thriving career and a happy marriage. Still, she felt like something was missing and she decided to go away for a year. First she visited Rome, then India and later Bali. This was a time when she decided that it is ok for women to stop catering to others and live the life they want and not a life that is expected of you. One of the best things she said about her yearlong self-discovery: ‘You are allowed to honor your own life that you were given. And I feel like the book just got to people somehow that they hadn’t  quite put together that they could do that.’

Nancy Meyers
Millions have fallen for the enviable interiors in Nancy Meyers’ films, and I am no exception. The moment I first watched It’s Complicated, I knew I wanted the same gorgeous  Santa Barbara home full of inviting spaces and laid-back California charm. A girl can dream, right? Writer and director Nancy Meyers is known for films with spaces as incredible and drool-worthy as their plotlines (who doesn’t adore the English cottage in The Holiday or the dreamy East Hampton home in Something’s Gotta Give?). She has impeccable taste when it comes to decorating and I simply love, love, love her films. Seeing her interiors and films always make my day!

Karlie Kloss
Not only is she brimming with confidence and on top of the world, she is promoting the importance of a healthy lifestyle and is also part of a close-knit group of independent, strong and inspiring women friends that she has been building over the past few years, including Taylor Swift and Cara Delevingne, to name a few. I think Karlie provides a shining and perfect example of a woman shaping her own life in the best way possible.

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