May in Instagrams

A homemade life | May in Instagrams

I loved the month of May: the first weekend of this month I spent a weekend in Barcelona together with a few friends. I enjoyed lots of lunches and brunches with my girls at the places above: Pluk and Buffet van Odette, two of my favorite places in the city of Amsterdam and celebrated Pluk’s One Year Anniversary.

A homemade life | May in Instagrams 2

I spent a weekend in Zeeland – the place where I’m from – to spoil my mum on Mother’s Day and to celebrate my little sister’s birthday. My mum also visited me in Amsterdam and we had the most blissful weekend, did lots of shopping (a few of my favorite shops are Skins CosmeticsBellerose, Anecdote and Mint) and eating way too many tasty things, like the banana bread above. Yes, it was definitely a month to remember!

A homemade life | May in Instagrams 3\

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Winter Wardrobe

Even though I love the cozy winter months, I have to admit I am not built for these cold – sometimes snowy – and rainy days. My hands and face are the first to freeze followed by my feet and legs. That freezing, chilled-to-the-bone feeling, I know that oh so well. That is why warm, winter clothes are on top of my list every winter. My favourite this winter is my scarf from SheRebel. It’s snuggly, over-sized and keeps me warm.

I collect clothes that are cozy, warm, stylish and timeless. I am always looking for classics that will last for years and years. My taste is pretty minimal. I have a thing for white, beige and pastels as you can probably tell by my photos below. This year is no different as my winter wardrobe consists of a beige over-sized scarf (as mentioned above), a warm and stylish poncho, a cozy white winter coat that I bought a few years ago at Geddes & Gillmore and some pretty cardigans.

Here’s the winter look I am in love with at the moment:

A homemade life My Winter Wardrobe

A homemade life Paris Photoshoot

A homemade life Winter Wardrobe post

A homemade life Wardrobe

Scarf by SheRebel
Poncho by Sessùn
Cardigan by Bellerose
Jeans by Tommy Hilfiger
Shoes by Fred de la Bretonière

Photos by Katie Mitchell