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  • Last week it was finally time for the Cannes Film Festival. One of the biggest red carpet events of the year with the most incredible dresses and suits and a dreamy venue. I especially loved Charlize Theron’s Dior dress and Naomi Watts in an amazing Elie Saab creation
  • Take a peek at these photos of the best dressed list of the Met Gala that took place in New York.
  • As you may know by now I love to wine with my friends. Whether the occasion is a birthday dinner, celebrating a promotion and wanting an evening to myself to unwind for a little bit after a long day at the office, I am always ready for a glass of wine! That is why I love these wine tasting tips from Lauren Conrad.
  • If there is one place I love in Paris then it’s Ralph’s. Tucked away in this vibrant city, it’s the perfect place for a little escape and tasty food! Hana from the ever-inspiring blog Journey Into La Ville Lumière beautifully photographed this magnificent place on her blog.
  • Planning a weekend away in Marseille? Then you cannot miss these amazing photos from Wish Wish Wish. They make me want to hop on the first plane to this lively city!


  1. Ine says:

    always like your weekend readings, i can’t get enough of the cannes film festival! xx Ine

  2. Megan says:

    i love your photos and taste, this is such a feelgood blog! xx Megan

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