Weekend Reading

A homemade life Weekend Reading

  • Winter is coming, so it’s time to bundle up! Last weekend, I visited the Country & Christmas Fair at a magnificent castle close to my city. I spent the day enjoying the fairylit wooden chalets, keeping warm with mulled wine and bonfires and snooping through Christmas decorations. It was definitely a day well spent. The perfect ending of a lovely weekend!
  • If you’re planning to visit London this month – or any other month for that matter – you have to stop by Monocle to have coffee and visit Duck and Waffle for a tasty breakfast. Not convinced yet? Then you have to visit Faye’s blog Farfelue where she wrote a lovely article on these cozy places.
  • In case you missed the 2014 British Fashion Awards in London that welcomed some of the most prominent designers, models, editors and actresses – from Emma Watson and Victoria Beckham to Harry Styles and Cara Delevingne – here are some of the highlights of the evening!
  • Being a blogger always goes hand in hand with being a writer. My blog for example consists not only of photos but of short writings as well. Sometimes, I find it quite challenging to write something every single day, as it can be tough to find words that match your thoughts. I guess that is why they call it a writer’s block, right? That is why I’m so happy with these tips to improve my writing and to make writing a daily habit.