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A homemade life Weekend Reading

  • I think we all remember the fairytale country cottage from The Holiday that was completely enchanting. In this Christmas film, Iris and Amanda decide to swap homes for the holidays, so they can both escape their respective romantic woes (Hm, this feels a bit familiar..). I definitely think Amanda gets the better end of the two lovely homes: the incredible cozy home of Iris tucked in a quaint hamlet outside of London. There are so many homes on TV that I would love to live in – even if it’s for a little while. Harper’s Bazaar shares some of the most amazing historic homes featured in films.
  • I love books, always have and always will. It’s to perfect way to unwind for a little bit and to enjoy a completely different world. That’s why I’m so happy Elle shares three fictional heroines that you’ll love even more than Elizabeth Bennet.
  • Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. We’re all familiar with this lovely little rhyme, but did you know that the original ending was ‘and a silver sixpence for your shoe’? Well, I didn’t. Harper’s Bazaar asked the experts at one of the oldest institutions in England, the Royal Mint, to help shed some light on the wedding traditions.
  • Planning a visit to London? Condé Nast Traveler shares some of the most tasty and incredible places to have dinner in London. From vegetarian Scotch eggs to Peruvian small plates. So for all the foodies (including me), come and visit London right now and bring a healthy appetite!