Weekend Reading

  • Take a peek inside the wedding weekend ‘so extravagant it’s set to include a gorgeous getaway in Capri and a guest list that more closely resembles a front row guest list than a bridal party’. A fairytale wedding you will probably only stumble across on Pinterest. It’s the wedding of Erica Pelosini and Louis Leeman. Lots and lots of champagne, having dinner with the most magnificent view of Capri and a magnificent brunch with all the bridesmaids. Need I say more?
  • Ever wondered how French women always look so flawless and glowing? Mathilde Thomas gives the answer as she shares her skincare regimen every woman has to follow, how to take care of specific skin issues and how to naturally address the various stages of aging. A few of her tips? Get your beauty sleep and fall in love..
  • Three interiors experts share their tips on how to ditch your college-years decor for something a little more elevated. Estee Stanley, editor-in-chief of Domainehome.com: ‘I feel for a way to feel more ladylike or more hostess-like is to splurge on great dish ware, glassware, art or linen hand towels or napkins – these items people pay attention to. The devil is in the detail.’
  • Planning a little event, but don’t know how to organize a party? Here are some tips to host the perfect summer picnic. Enjoy!

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