The Year 2014

The year 2014 has been one of the most challenging years in my life, if not the most challenging. 2014 was a year of pure bliss (in between writing my thesis and finding a proper job), new beginnings and sad endings. It’s always nice to look back at the year and everything that has happened, so I thought I’d sum up this year in a couple of photos. Here’s what the year 2014 looked like through my eyes!


I loved every moment of this month. I had the most perfect New Year’s Eve with a lovely dinner at my parent’s place with some of my dearest friends from home. The food was amazing, everyone was dressed so pretty and chic, we chatted away the entire evening and danced in the living room to celebrate a new and exciting year. I spent the rest of the month doing an internship at a lifestyle magazine here in the Netherlands with some of the most lovely interns friends I’ve ever met. In short, it was a lovely (and slightly cold and rainy) month.

February and March

If January was one of the best months of the year, February and March have to be the worst two months this year. I got my whole heart broken and I have to admit, I felt quite terrible and sad for a while. And to top it all off, my sister left at the end of February to travel for a few months with her closest friend. She was dreaming of travelling for ages and I was so happy for her that day finally arrived, but I also knew I would miss her a lot. We’re very close and share everything together so it was quite sad to say goodbye to her at the airport (although she was very excited and happy to hop on the plane so there were mostly tears on my end). February was definitely a month of saying goodbye, since it was also the last month of my internship at Flair magazine.

April and May

Spring finally arrived (I always love this time of year – hello peonies, lovely picnics and days spent at the beach) and I felt a lot better and happier than the months before. In May, I visited Verona and Venice together with my mum. We spent a week enjoying these amazing places with lots of tasty food, warm atmosphere and pretty sightings. I fell in love with the balcony where Juliet stood while Romeo declared his love and all the gorgeous Italian courtyards.

A homemade life Verona

A homemade life Verona

A homemade life Verona

June and July

June was one of the best months this year! I celebrated my birthday by organizing a birthday high tea for the loveliest people I know. It actually felt okay to turn a year older since I had accomplished quite a lot of things that I was happy about, but no one likes getting older, right? I chose to ignore those feelings by spending lots of time with dear friends and visiting Copenhagen for the first time (and definitely not the last time!).

To top it all off, my sister arrived back home the day of my graduation and I could not be happier! It was a blissful day spent with family in the lovely city of Amsterdam.

A homemade life birthday high tea 3

August and September

In August, I visited Paris. It felt so nice to escape my own city for a while to a place where everything looks so idyllic and fairytale-like. I felt so incredibly happy to be in this amazing city again. And since I have a terrible sweet tooth, I stopped by Maison Ladurée to enjoy some macarons and other French pastries. I also got the chance to visit the Louvre, Le Marais and Jardin du Luxembourg, the best places in Paris if you ask me!

For the first time ever I visited New York in September. Not only did I get the chance to visit this place that I’ve been dreaming about forever, I also got to meet some very inspiring people. Days spent sightseeing this lively city, eating way too many cupcakes and enjoying every moment was the best thing I could ever have wished for!

a homemade life laduree

a homemade life maison laduree

a homemade life paris louvre

A homemade life New York Ladurée

A homemade life

A homemade life New York

October and November

Fall finally arrived during the month of October and I got to experience the gorgeous autumn colours in my city. I loved seeing Maastricht, Utrecht and Amsterdam covered in yellow, orange and red tones and could never keep my camera in my bag for too long.

I was invited to a lovely little baby shower, spent a nice evening with my darling Charlotte at a cozy place called Olivier, went to dinner parties organized by some of my friends in Amsterdam, visited Antwerp together with my mum and sister, enjoyed way too many glasses of wine with one of my friends at the adorable Spanish dinner place called Pata Negra in Amsterdam, visited the cozy Country & Christmas Fair in Haarzuilens to shop for Christmas presents, drink mulled wine and enjoy tasty sweets and lots more.

A homemade life

A homemade life The Year 2014

A homemade life Weekend Reading


I always love December. It’s that time of year when you enjoy cold, cozy nights with warm blankets and hot chocolate, pretty snowflakes and celebrate the holidays with your loved ones (and lots of Harry Potter books). That is exactly what I did. Oh, and I went to Paris for a cozy winter photoshoot with the lovely (and incredibly gifted) photographer Katie Mitchell.

I also spent a lovely weekend together with my family in a lovely villa in Domburg (a small and picturesque town in the Netherlands) where we ate lots and lots of chocolate and other tasty sweets. It’s always nice to spend time with your loved ones and unwind for a little bit. For me, it was definitely a December to remember!

A homemade life Paris 3

A homemade life Paris 8

A homemade life Paris 3

A homemade life Paris 5



  1. Denise says:

    great writing as Always! looks like you’ve had an amazing year! happy ny! xxx Denise

    • Monika says:

      Thanks! I did and I hope you did too! Happy New Year! Love, Monika

  2. Abby says:

    i love your blog. you have a lovely writing style.look forward to many more posts! Love, Abby

    • Monika says:

      That’s so kind! Thanks a lot, this post made my entire day! Love, Monika

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