Letters to Juliet

a homemade life verona italie

I love summer! Yes, I know it’s still spring and I hope you don’t get me wrong: I always enjoy this pretty time of year thanks to all the lovely birthdays (including my own birthday) and the flowers you find everywhere. At the same time, I almost can’t wait for summer to begin. Days spent at the beach with lots and lots of ice cream, warm summer nights with loved ones and taking a trip to Italy. Lucky for me, my first trip this year will be next week! I’ll visit the picturesque city of Verona in Italy together with my darling mum. I can’t wait!

You might know Verona from the film Letters to Juliet, but this magnificent city is most well-known for the love story of Romeo and Juliet. You’ll find traces of this tragic love story literally everywhere in Verona: Juliet’s grave, the balcony and the church where they supposedly tied the knot. I’ve been wanting to visit this city for ages and I’m so happy that time is finally here. Time to enjoy Italian ice cream and la dolce vita!

Flipflops: Lazamani. Bikini top: Amarea

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