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The first time I visited London was a few years ago. I was travelling through Scotland and England for a month and London was one of the cities on my little travel list. The moment I arrived in the city, I fell in love with the charming streets, the sophisticated London style and the lovely sightings everywhere. In case you’re not already checking this addictive little platform, here are some of my favourite London Instagrammers. Take a peek and get inspired!

A homemade life London Instagrammers Sarah Cheng

Sarah Cheng

Sarah shares some of the loveliest photographs of London and of her amazing travels. From cozy little cafés (I love, love, love the Monocle Café and Monmouth Coffee The Borough) to her travels to Paris, Amsterdam and Australia. She’s definitely the one to follow if you’re interested in visiting London!

A homemade life London Instagrammers Park and Cube

Park & Cube

I simply adore Shini’s chic and incredible stories and photos. Not only does she have impeccable taste (even when she is travelling to the English countryside she still looks flawless which is a complete mystery to me since I always look like a tired hobbit when I travel), she has the ability to photograph everyday things so beautifully. I admire this lovely lady and her equally lovely blog a lot, it’s definitely worth a visit!

A homemade life London Instagrammers Reemkanj


Ok, so she mostly posts photos of her incredible travels (she’s been literally everywhere!) but occasionally she does post some very nice photographs of London. From exotic palmtrees, sandy beaches and ocean views to Parisian courtyards, fashion shows and the lively streets of London city. Enjoy and get inspired!

A homemade life London Instagrammers Wish Wish Wish

Wish Wish Wish

This talented lady loves London (and apparently flowers and travelling). And I have to admit, there’s no denying her love for this incredible city since her Instagram is filled with photos of the lively and crowded streets of London, lovely cafés and let’s not forget the Tower Bridge! Gosh, I wish I could visit London right this moment and enjoy some of the amazing sightings! Well, maybe next year, who knows..


  1. Olivia says:

    Thanks for sharing! Its always nice to get inspiration from instagram! Love, Olivia

  2. Lily says:

    I totally agree with your, i love these london instagrammers! xx Lily

    • Monika says:

      Thanks Lily! London Instagrammers are so inspiring! xx Monika

  3. Isla says:

    thanks for sharing! you have great taste and i really like your photos too! xxx isla

  4. I have only been there once but it is a beautiful place! These instagrammers are fabulous and are wonderful for inspiration!


    • Monika says:

      Thanks a lot Rebecca! It really is, I hope to visit London again some time! Have a lovely Sunday! xx Monika

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