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I think I’m not the only one who loves – if not obsessed with – Instagram. Who can say no to all those inspiring and incredibly pretty photographs after all? Well, I can’t. I love being able to see what people all the way across the world photograph and share with one another. Today I’m sharing a few of my favourite Instagram accounts with you all. Every day I find new and inspiring people to follow but these are the ones I’m drooling over the most at the moment:

A homemade life instagram whynikella


Whynikella is one lucky lady. Not only does she get the chance to travel to faraway places for her job, she is also an insanely talented photographer who takes the most gorgeous photos that always make me feel like I stepped into a fairytale. From healthy dinners, tasty pastries to Californian palmtrees and quiet beaches.

a homemade life instagran eleonoracarisi


Red carpets, delicious brunches, the prettiest flowers, stylish clothes, cozy and adorable dinner places and quiet little streets, I absolutely love the Instagram feed of the lovely and talented Eleonora.

Melanimagine instagram a homemade life


The Instagram feed of this sweet French lady is filled with lovely, light and warm pastel shades. Even during cold winter months, she still gives me the feeling that spring is right around the corner. Thank you Mélanie for always sharing your magnificent photographs!

Sarahyates instagram a homemade life


Summer days, pretty beaches, ocean views, colorful dresses.. Need I say more? The photographs of Sarah Yates always give me an  instant summer feeling.

Mliees instagram a homemade life


The photographs taken by my lovely girl Marlies are simply the prettiest. From tasty and healthy smoothies, walks on the beach to peonies in her living room and stylish wardrobe, I love her photographs.

Verdenius instagram a homemade life


Pretty, stylish photos taken by the incredibly gifted Marieke Verdenius. I simply love her elegant photos of Zeeland and her tasty recipes she shares with her followers. The photo on the left was taken in Zeeland, the place where I grew up and it reminds me of the many summer days I spent on the beach as a little girl.

Lucylaucht instagram a homemade life

Lucy Laucht

And finally, a few of my favourite photos taken by the lovely Lucy. Her warm and ever-inspiring photographs always make my day!


  1. Helga den Houter says:

    … it…..♡ !!
    …..prachtige foto’s, mooie kleurtjes, goeie tekst……
    … is beautiful……
    ….. Helga……X

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