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Harper & Harley

The talented and chic Sara Donaldson is the blogger behind Harper & Harley, a sophisticated Australian fashion blog. Sara is dedicated to bring her reader inspiration in the way of creating the perfect wardrobe of key essentials pieces – like a timeless black  Givenchy bag, Victoria Beckham jeans and a Saint Laurent denim shirt – all while staying true to her relaxed chic black, white and grey philosophy.

So how did she decide on the name Harper & Harley? That answer is quite simple actually. She simply loves these names: Harper is the chic girl and Harley is more edgy and she feels like she sits in the middle of the two parallels. Harper & Harley is – in the words of Blair Wardorf – not a stop along the way, it is a destination. It is not only for inspiration for your own wardrobe and on how to wear these beautiful key pieces, it is also a guide for those who wish to follow suit and eliminate color from their wardrobes. Since I always mostly wear pastel colours, this blog is perfect for me!

Since Harper & Harley’s creation, Sara Donaldson has worked with several international brands. A few prestigious brands on her list: Gucci, Swarovski, Harpers Bazaar and Witchery.



  1. Lauren says:

    i love her too! she has such great taste! i really like your blog, very chic and cute! love, lauren

    • Monika says:

      Yes, I think she’s amazing and has incredible taste! Thanks a lot Lauren, that’s so kind! xx Monika

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