Gary Pepper Girl

Gary Pepper Girl By Carin Olsson

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Gary Pepper Girl

Nicole Warne is the pretty face behind the successful blog Gary Pepper Girl. Five years ago, she began her inspiring career, that she combined with a job, a study and two internships at the prestigious magazine Harper’s Bazaar Australia and Grazia. Two months later she took the leap and decided to take a risk, quit her job and devote her time to Gary Pepper Girl. And she succeeded.

This sophisticated and incredibly gifted lady travels the world – from London, Paris and New York to Sydney, Italy and Hawaii – with her rose-coloured glasses wanting to share her life and inspiration and creating this incredible world of Gary Pepper, ‘a realm of vivid colour, striking fashion and endless possibilities. It is not about seeing beautiful places, it’s about seeing the beauty in every place.’

Nicole Warne hopes to inspire her readers and to document her trips to share the incredible places in this world. With her blog, she has proved that blogging is not just blogging anymore these days. So what is her advice to bloggers? On The Coveteur: ‘My advice for bloggers is to have a strategy in place before launching your blog. Define your brands personality, understand your target market, invest in a unique web design, research bloggers previous case studies of how they worked with brands. This list goest on!’.

Thanks to her refined and sophisticated taste, her positivity and love for life and travels, she has become one of the most innovative bloggers and style icons with literally millions of followers who are in love with her style and stories. Her photographs make me want to improve my own photography every day, her impeccable taste inspires me to make the best of everything and her travel stories make me want to hop on the plane and travel the world.


Gary Pepper Girl 3 a homemade life

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Gary Pepper Girl


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