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July in Instagrams

A homemade life july in instagrams

A long walk on this pretty beach together with loved ones ~ Picturesque Cinque Terre in Italy a few years ago with my parents and sister ~ Some of the prettiest blooms ~ Scones, macarons and cupcakes at my birthday high tea ~ Beach houses in Zeeland ~ Preparing my high tea and having lunch at De Bakkerswinkel ~ I’d like to wake up every day with this magnificent view ~ An idyllic beach somewhere in Italy ~ It’s time for a tasty French lunch.

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Weekend Reading

  • These magnificent photos of the Louvre and Jardin du Luxembourg photographed by Rue Rodier are not to be missed! Lots of pretty corners and the light is simply perfect. A few more weeks and I’ll finally visit the City of Lights again. I. can’t. wait.
  • This might be one of the prettiest homes in the Hamptons I have ever seen. I’m in love with the stylish and cozy living room. I certainly wouldn’t mind to spend a few days at this paradise..
  • These are the ten best vacations to spend together with your lovely friends this summer. Hm, tip 4 and 10 seem almost too perfect! How nice it’d be to spend a holiday with my girls..
  • Vogue shares the perfect playlist for long summer picnics of when you’re on your way to your holiday destination.
  • Invited for a wedding this summer? Elle shares some of the best tips to find the perfect dress!
  • After seeing these inspiring photos of Carin Olsson, the face behind Paris In Four Months, of idyllic Terracina in Italy, I want to pack my bikini and pretty dresses and hop on the plane to the nearest Italian beach. With a tasty water melon and cocktail, that is.

Birthday High Tea

It’s been a few weeks ago – almost three weeks – but I wanted to share a few lovely photos of my birthday and graduation high tea for the loveliest girls I know with you. On days like these, I realize how blessed I am to have so many sweet and lovely girls in my life. That is why I’d like to thank you for a blissful day!

Together we enjoyed freshly-baked scones with clotted cream, French macarons from Joséphine, homemade muffins and cupcakes, strawberries, chocolate and a few glasses of wine. It was a warm summer day spent in the best company possible!

Wishing you all a lovely weekend! xx

A homemade life birthday high tea 3  A homemade life birthday high tea 5

Margo & Me

Margo and Me photo

Margo & Me

She prefers to write in bed with warm blankets and her French little dog Margo while enjoying her stylish and ever-inspiring closet. Jenny Bernheim, the pretty face behind fashion and photography blog Margo & Me. She travels to the most incredible places, from Paris and London to New York and Los Angeles. She’s seen it all.

Before she became a successful blogger, stylist and designer she had a career in PR. A dream job for many, but for her it wasn’t very fulfilling. She did however get inspired by the many designers with whom she worked everyday. One day, she decided it was time for a change in her life. She quit her job and launched her very first blog in May 2012. This blog was her way of discovering stylish and sophistiscated clothes that she wanted to share with her readers.

Her philosophy is simple: ‘It is not about being held hostage to trends, it’s about exploring your stylistic cravings, overcoming your sartorial doubts and becoming alluringly elusive through your look. It’s about sever femininity, chic with an unexpected jolt. Intellectual, without being unapproachable.’

Jenny Bernheim aims to inspire other women every day with elevated yet approachable style through mixing high and low pieces, providing high quality imagery and working with brands that inspire her. She says she wants you to be grateful for the chances you get in life and to be honest and kind to others. Why? ‘Believe it or not, I’ve been around long enough to know that what goes around does come around and the world is a much smaller place than we tend to think.’ A few wise words from this lovely and inspiring lady!

A few of her stylish photographs from her blog:

Margo and Me New York 1

Margo and Me New York 2

Margo and Me Paris 6

Margo and Me Paris 2

Margo & Me

Weekend Reading

Last Sunday, I organized a birthday high tea for the loveliest girls I know. It was a day spent with lots of talking, pastels (that was the dresscode after all) and tasty macarons and other pastries. I loved the scones with clotted cream, cupcakes, muffins and lots of chocolate. I couldn’t think of a better and lovelier way to celebrate my birthday!

  • Did you always wanted to dress like a Parisienne? Thanks to Vogue you’ll embrace the typical Parisian flair in no time.
  • Last week, it was time for the Haute Couture Week in Paris where the biggest and most inspiring designers show their latest collections. I wasn’t there but I did get the chance to see some of the most magnificent photos of this stylish event. Dior’s show is engraved in my memory forever with its fairytale decor and ladylike clothes.
  • These are the prettiest and loveliest bakeries in New York according to Harper’s Bazaar. I couldn’t think of a better way to end the afternoon than at one of these cute bakeries. Oh, I’m so blissfully happy I booked a trip to this splendid city after seeing these cozy places.
  • annot miss this: behind the scenes at Paris Couture Week!


Gary Pepper Girl

Gary Pepper Girl By Carin Olsson

Photo by Carin Olsson


Gary Pepper Girl

Nicole Warne is the pretty face behind the successful blog Gary Pepper Girl. Five years ago, she began her inspiring career, that she combined with a job, a study and two internships at the prestigious magazine Harper’s Bazaar Australia and Grazia. Two months later she took the leap and decided to take a risk, quit her job and devote her time to Gary Pepper Girl. And she succeeded.

This sophisticated and incredibly gifted lady travels the world – from London, Paris and New York to Sydney, Italy and Hawaii – with her rose-coloured glasses wanting to share her life and inspiration and creating this incredible world of Gary Pepper, ‘a realm of vivid colour, striking fashion and endless possibilities. It is not about seeing beautiful places, it’s about seeing the beauty in every place.’

Nicole Warne hopes to inspire her readers and to document her trips to share the incredible places in this world. With her blog, she has proved that blogging is not just blogging anymore these days. So what is her advice to bloggers? On The Coveteur: ‘My advice for bloggers is to have a strategy in place before launching your blog. Define your brands personality, understand your target market, invest in a unique web design, research bloggers previous case studies of how they worked with brands. This list goest on!’.

Thanks to her refined and sophisticated taste, her positivity and love for life and travels, she has become one of the most innovative bloggers and style icons with literally millions of followers who are in love with her style and stories. Her photographs make me want to improve my own photography every day, her impeccable taste inspires me to make the best of everything and her travel stories make me want to hop on the plane and travel the world.


Gary Pepper Girl 3 a homemade life

Gary Pepper Girl 4 a homemade life

Gary Pepper Girl