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June in Instagrams

Juni in Instagrams

I’d love to have these little French macarons everyday for breakfast * Missing this incredible view of Venice * My favourite beauty products: Oriflame night cream, Guerlain night cream and Sabon hand cream * One of the many reasons why I love Copenhagen: & Other Stories * Invitations for my birthday high tea * Pretty peonies * More flowers since they always make my day * A charming little courtyard tucked away in Verona * The last peonies I could find.

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Birthday weekend in Copenhagen

This year I spent my first birthday abroad. In Copenhagen to be exact. I wanted to visit this incredibly pretty and inspiring city for quite some time. In November, I visited Stockholm together with one of my best friends and the moment I arrived back home after a winter weekend in this stylish (and cold and snowy) city, I started planning my next visit to Scandinavia. To Copenhagen.

When I think of Copenhagen I think of cozy coffee places, the streets that are not short of inspiration dotted with attractive Danes with their blonde hair, effortlessly chic style and laid-back attitude, and the stylish street style (Think Modström, & Other Stories, Selected Femme en Object).

Here are a few of my best tips for a weekend trip to Copenhagen:

  • Grundtvigs kirke resides at the top of a steep hill and is definitely worth a visit or two! The inspiring building with its clean and light lines and majestic high ceiling wowed me and the other visitors. There is something so serene and calm about this place. Address: På Bjerget 14B, 2400.
  • Kaffeplantagen in stylish Nørrebro. An enviable atmosphere, lovely barista’s and tasty breakfasts. Address: Sankt Hans torc 3, 2200.
  • While in Copenhagen, you have to visit Frederiksberg Allé. A lovely street with lots of adorable coffee places and design shops. At the end of the street, you’ll find the most incredible parc of Copenhagen, the perfect place to relax for a little while and enjoy a tasty picnic.
  • Parterre Christianshavn. This charming and cozy little places has the perfect Scandinavian style and still retains the friendliness of Danish charm. I especially loved the breakfasts they offer here: smorgasbord with sliced avocado and a sprinkling of rock salt. Enjoy! Address: Overgaden Oven Vandet 90 1415.
  • Tante T Thesalon. The perfect place to enjoy the best tea of Copenhagen in a typical English tearoom. Address: Viktoriagade 6.
  • Kompa’ 9. This cozy place offers organic coffee, fair prices and delicious food. My favourites were the warm chocolate made with dark organic Bojensen chocolate and a ryebread sandwich for lunch. Address: Kompagnistræde 9, 1208.

a homemade life 7

A homemade life 2

a homemade life 1

A dinner table for one

A homemade life Moon Canyon Design

Photo by Moon Canyon Design


I was always afraid of dining alone. And then I moved to Ireland for one semester to attend university there for a few months. For the first time in my life, I did lots of things by myself. From attending events to having lunch and discovering cozy places and enjoy some hot chocolate. I learned to stand on my own and step away from my beloved comfort zone.

However, having dinner by myself, at a table in a restaurant, was still a bit uncomfortable even though I wanted to know what it’d be like. I have no idea why this idea of sitting at a table for one was so terrifying to me, but I think hope I am not the only one who has ever felt this way.

When I visited the incredible city of Copenhagen last weekend, I finally decided it was time to master the art of dining solo. To get past your fears means you have to face them, right? And that’s what I did. I walked into a lovely and cozy little restaurant and sat down at a table. I have to admit, the first twenty minutes were a bit uncomfortable and awkward. When you move away from your comfort zone, you tend to notice and over-analyze everything a little bit more. Isn’t weird that I’m sitting here alone while the rest is having dinner with loved ones or friends? Do I have something on my face? Did I pronounce the local dish right?

However, after a few minutes I at my table for one, I started to feel more comfortable and even enjoy myself. My eyes wandered from the lovely little family having dinner to the barista behind the bar making a chai latte to two friends who were chatting rapidly in Danish (I think). It actually felt nice. When you are alone you have no choice but taking everything in. You simply cannot hide behind conversations with friends or family.

I have had lunch by myself quite a few times and now I have finally had dinner by myself and I can safely say it was a pleasant evening! If you would like to try it as well, here are a few tips:

  • Bring a lovely book or magazine. Hiding behind a book or a magazine that you love can feel a bit safer. I think it’s the best way to start if you do not feel completely comfortable with the idea of dining solo. Lots of places have magazines and books you can read while enjoying your dinner.
  • WiFi is always the answer. Didn’t bring a magazine? Well, there’s plenty to see and read on your phone. Keep up with blogs that you love, interesting articles, messages from loved ones and so on. This way, you will less alone and it’s a lovely way to spend your time.
  • Go to a place with an incredibly pretty view. Enjoy seeing people pass by, the inspiring buildings and the lively and crowded streets.
  • Dining solo is the perfect moment to think about your life and the things you’d like to do some day. Where do you see yourself in a few years? Are you enjoying the city you’re living in? When you find yourself in a city you don’t know, you’ll have plenty of time to think about these kind of questions. And every once in a while, a little reflection on your life might not be such a bad idea.

Instagram Favourites

I think I’m not the only one who loves – if not obsessed with – Instagram. Who can say no to all those inspiring and incredibly pretty photographs after all? Well, I can’t. I love being able to see what people all the way across the world photograph and share with one another. Today I’m sharing a few of my favourite Instagram accounts with you all. Every day I find new and inspiring people to follow but these are the ones I’m drooling over the most at the moment:

A homemade life instagram whynikella


Whynikella is one lucky lady. Not only does she get the chance to travel to faraway places for her job, she is also an insanely talented photographer who takes the most gorgeous photos that always make me feel like I stepped into a fairytale. From healthy dinners, tasty pastries to Californian palmtrees and quiet beaches.

a homemade life instagran eleonoracarisi


Red carpets, delicious brunches, the prettiest flowers, stylish clothes, cozy and adorable dinner places and quiet little streets, I absolutely love the Instagram feed of the lovely and talented Eleonora.

Melanimagine instagram a homemade life


The Instagram feed of this sweet French lady is filled with lovely, light and warm pastel shades. Even during cold winter months, she still gives me the feeling that spring is right around the corner. Thank you Mélanie for always sharing your magnificent photographs!

Sarahyates instagram a homemade life


Summer days, pretty beaches, ocean views, colorful dresses.. Need I say more? The photographs of Sarah Yates always give me an  instant summer feeling.

Mliees instagram a homemade life


The photographs taken by my lovely girl Marlies are simply the prettiest. From tasty and healthy smoothies, walks on the beach to peonies in her living room and stylish wardrobe, I love her photographs.

Verdenius instagram a homemade life


Pretty, stylish photos taken by the incredibly gifted Marieke Verdenius. I simply love her elegant photos of Zeeland and her tasty recipes she shares with her followers. The photo on the left was taken in Zeeland, the place where I grew up and it reminds me of the many summer days I spent on the beach as a little girl.

Lucylaucht instagram a homemade life

Lucy Laucht

And finally, a few of my favourite photos taken by the lovely Lucy. Her warm and ever-inspiring photographs always make my day!

Weekend Reading

Sweet Thing

Sweet Thing blog

Sweet Thing

Jessie is a Los Angeles-based photographer and the pretty face behind the lifestyle blog Sweet Thing, a place for all the sweet and lovely little things that inspire her everyday.

So why did she began blogging? Even though, she is in love with her camera and all it’s capable of, she felt uninspired in her photography career. She knew she needed a bit more creativity in her life. However, she did not exactly know what that could be. Although this seems to only happen in fairytale films, but one night she had a dream that she should start her very own blog. The following morning, Sweet Thing came to life. This lovely little blog was her way of sharing sweet finds with her friends and loved ones, but slowly it became a lot more than that. It even tok on its own life. According to Jessie, Sweet Thing was the best decision she ever made. It inspires and challenges her everyday and has connected her to kindred spirits.

So how come she takes the most magnificent photographs even though she did not go to school for photography? Well, besides the fact that Jessie is incredibly gifted, it was actually her dad – who is also a photographer – who taught her the basics of photography and with whom she worked with quite a lot. I think this is one talented and lovely lady who inspires me to improve my own photography every day! Thank you for being my inspiration, Jessie!

Have a look at some of her most gorgeous photos:

Sweet thing 3  Sweet thing 8

Sweet Thing

Hi, I am Jessie. I am a photographer living in Los Angeles. A lover of fashion, photography & interior design. This is a place for all the sweet things that inspire me. – See more at:
Hi, I am Jessie. I am a photographer living in Los Angeles. A lover of fashion, photography & interior design. This is a place for all the sweet things that inspire me. – See more at:
Hi, I am Jessie. I am a photographer living in Los Angeles. A lover of fashion, photography & interior design. This is a place for all the sweet things that inspire me. – See more at: